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Repairing and Patching



Structural epoxy adhesives and patching repair compounds are designed for permanent repairs to restoration projects, for substrates such as concrete, granite, limestone, marble, travertine, metals, etc.




CA Glue3.jpg

CA Glue

A repair product to hide small pits and make scratches in stone undetectable.


Clear Gel Epoxy

A two-component, exterior grade, clear epoxy adhesive. Two hour set, gel viscosity.


Professional Tile & Countertop Repair Kit

This kit is designed for granite, marble, travertine and engineered stone. This kit is an upgraded version of the Granite & Marble Repair Kit. It includes an epoxy cartridge for structural bonding & injecting.

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Granite & Marble Repair Kit

This kit is an easy to use kit for both honed & polished surfaces.

This kit is a combination of the Natural Stone Repair Kit and the Scratch Repair Kit.

Fast Set Extreme

A two-component exterior grade structural epoxy adhesive which cures at below freezing temperatures.


HRM is a two-component, lime-based, latex modified mortar for the restoration of historic masonry

Last Patch Gel

Last Patch Gel

A kit packaged exterior grade stone repair compound.

Last Patch Limestone

A kit packaged exterior grade stone repair compound. Designed for addition of stone aggregate, overfill of patch area, and grinding flush.

Natural Stone Repair Kit

The Natural Stone Repair Kit is for natural and engineered stone.


Scratch Repair Kit

This kit enables you to fill in scratches and cracks on polished stone surfaces for countertops and floors.


A two-component, lime-based, latex modified filler material for travertine floors, fabrication of stone slabs and other porous stones.

 Deluxe 1.JPG

Deluxe Stone Repair Kit

This kit is recommended for the experienced stone restoration professional. This kit is an upgraded version of the Professional Tile & Countertop Repair Kit.

 Glacier 1 Can.jpg


Touchstone Glacier is a revolutionary clear, fast-curing, non-staining, UV-stable adhesive designed for laminating and fabricating natural stone countertops.  Compared to competitive products, it will SAVE you TIME and MONEY, due to its convenient and forgiving mix ratio.



Last Patch Dymond

Last Patch™ Dymond is an exterior grade, UV stable stone repair compound for granite, marble, travertine and any other highly polished natural stone surface.