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Monument Setting Adhesives

Image of the use of setting adhesive on a monument.



Specially engineered structural adhesives and patching repair compounds for all types of

headstones and monuments are designed to withstand the rigors of the weather and seasonal


One of the larger projects Bonstone products have been used on include the Washington Monument in Washington DC.




Clear Gel Epoxy

A two-component, exterior grade, clear epoxy adhesive. Two hour set, gel viscosity.



A two component, 1:1 ratio structural epoxy adhesive compound.



Fast Set Extreme

A two-component exterior grade structural epoxy adhesive which cures at below freezing temperatures.


A two component, water cleanable, 100% solid epoxy adhesive compound.

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Block-It is a one component, moisture cure polyurethane adhesive specifically formulated to bond landscape stone as well as masonry blocks.


 DF gallon can A B medium.jpg

Duropoxi F

Duropoxi-F has the same strength characteristics as the original Duropoxi with the added benefit of remaining flexible.