Bloxygen-Great Product To Extend Your Adhesive’s Shelf Life

The adhesives you use are extremely important to your overall product/project quality.  If the wrong adhesive is chosen, or used incorrectly, you’re not going to get the performance you expect.

Similarly, incorrect storage conditions can dramatically affect the quality of the adhesive.  Read the Safety Data Sheet, it lists the proper way to store the material, including recommended environmental conditions like temperature, humidity, and potential oxidation concerns.

One way to extend the life of your adhesive is to simply put the lid back on the can.  When lids are off, or loose, contaminants like moisture and oxygen can get in the can and cause potential problems.  Oxygen, for instance, can react with the chemicals and start to slowly degrade them.  Think of your last partial can of varnish you found in the garage after years of storage, it was hopelessly gelled and unusable.   What about that moisture-cure caulk that you partially used, after several months it was completely gelled in the tube because it was exposed to moisture in the air.  All air, even desert air, contains some humidity.

What’s even better than closing the can?  Blanketing the material with an inert, dry, oxygen-free gas before closing the lid.  This is exactly what we do in our factory for some of our products.  We use dry nitrogen blanketing.   That may not be practical or cost-effective on a small scale, but there IS a solution that is very easy and affordable to use.  The product is called Bloxygen, and you can learn all about it  here:

Which Bonstone/Touchstone products do we recommend you consider using Bloxygen on?  Most of our products are not sensitive to moisture or oxygen, but there are a few that would benefit from Bloxygen.  We recommend it be used on the following products:   Glacier Part B, Last Patch Part B, in fact all Last Patch products, and Block-It.  You might also consider it for the Part A products that go with these Part B, why?  Well, if the Part B is “bone-dry”, but the Part A has some moisture… well, you get the idea.  Best to keep the Part A dry as well.

For a very small investment, and a few seconds of your time, you can greatly prolong the storage stability of your adhesives and other chemicals, reducing your waste factor and save money and Bloxygen will protect your other household liquids too, like wine and beer.  You can thank us later….