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Hydro 300

D/2 Biological Solution

Removes dirt, soot, mold, mildew, algae and other air pollutants from just about any surface.  Safe and easy to use.  Contains no bleach or acids.  Safe to use around landscaping.  Perfect for cleaning:

• Siding & Roofs
• Sidewalks & Brick Walkways
• Patio & Decks
• Retaining Walls
• Awnings
• Outdoor Structures
• Patio Furniture

Sold As
• Quart Spray Bottle $18.95
• Gallon $41.95
• Five Gallon Pails $189.00
• Drum Available, Please call (800) 425-2214

Hydro Seal 300

Hydro Seal™ 300 is a versatile, waterborne emulsion, water repellent that offers fast and effective protection against U.V. damage and stains. Breathable sealer. Helps prevent spalling and efflorescence by waterproofing masonry, brick, block and stone.

• Protects a wide variety of surfaces including masonry, stucco, brick pavers, concrete, aluminum, marble, fabric and asphalt roofs.
• Prevent efflorescence and spalling by waterproofing masonry, brick, block and stone.
• Protects concrete by sealing and waterproofing the surface, preventing spalling and protecting against de-icing salts, mildew and stains.
• Waterproofs fabrics, preventing moisture damage; extending the life of awnings, tarps and tents.

Sold As

• 8oz Bottle $11.70
• Gallon $$74.11