Last Patch Limestone

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Last Patch™ Limestone is specially designed patching compound for limestone and sandstone gives you all the advantages of Last Patch compound for granite and marble. Because of its special properties, Last Patch camouflages its patchwork by absorbing water just like the porous stone surrounding it. It is also ideal for corner patching and steps.

Each quart comes with four 1 oz hardeners of B.


  • Absorbs water similar to the porous substrate surrounding it
  • UV stable; withstands sun exposure without discoloring
  • Can be used below freezing temperatures
  • Can be color matched

Note: For Even Faster Set Time, Use our Last Patch Accelerator. (Not Recommended for Work Over 85° F)


  • Aesthetic patches and repairs on coarse grained stones
  • Ideal patching mitered corners
  • Aesthetic repairs for concrete and masonry substrates
  • Ideal for limestone step and sill repairs

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