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Patching Limestone

Limestone Patching Materials

We provide products for patching limestone pits, chips and spalls in dimensional limestone material. The range of products help

you patch limestone with aesthetically looking finishes for both interior and exterior applications. These systems will

not leach or stain the surrounding stone surfaces. The exterior products are UV stable. These limestone patching materials do not shrink and will withstand severe climate changes.

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Last Patch Limestone

A kit packaged exterior grade stone repair compound. Designed for addition of stone aggregate, overfill of patch area, and grinding flush.


A catalyzed interior grade patching compound. A Peroxide cure unsaturated polyester.



HRM is a two-component, lime-based, latex modified mortar for the restoration of historic masonry

Last Patch Gel

A kit packaged exterior grade stone repair compound.


A two-component, lime-based, latex modified filler material for travertine floors, fabrication of stone slabs and other porous stones.

Natural Stone Repair Kit

The Natural Stone Repair Kit is for natural and engineered stone.

Stone Repair Kit

The Stone Repair Kit is designed for the contractor specifically in mind.