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Bonstone Clear Gel Epoxy

Bonstone Clear Gel

Zero Voc Epoxy


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Quick Overview

The consistency of this knife-grade epoxy allows you to squeeze out thin bond lines so clamping doesn't produce a mess of displaced adhesive.

Bonstone Clear Gel epoxy is a versatile product which can be used for a wide variety of applications.

For 450 ml cartridges, use this applicator gun.

One of the larger projects Bonstone Clear Gel has been used on includes the Long Fellow Bridge in Boston, Massachusetts. 

  • Re-attaching, mending, repairing and bonding stone
  • Anchor bolt adhesive
  • Bonding stone to other construction materials
  • Vertical spot bonding or pinning
  • Crack injection gel system
  • Exceptional strength & durability
  • Excellent clarity—easily tinted
  • Medium set time
  • Knife grade (non-sag) viscosity
  • Polishable
  • Applying heat shortens set time


Mix Ratio = 2:1 by volume

Set Time = 2 hrs @ 75°F

Available in = Quarts, Gallons, Pails, and Cartridges

adobe-small.jpg Clear Gel 180 ml Cartridge Mix Instructions

adobe-small.jpg Clear Gel 450 ml Cartridge Mix Instructions

Technical Data Sheet

adobe-small.jpg SDS

Can be tinted with Liquid tints.


 Granite Patching & Crack Repair

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