Concrete Epoxy and Adhesive Products

Concrete Repair Epoxy & Adhesives for Bonding, Patching & Crack Repair

Concrete may be easy to pour, but working with it on a job site or making repairs requires the right products with little room for error.

Bonstone’s professional grade concrete products are specifically designed for use in a variety of environments, including architectural structures; commercial/residential foundations; road and bridges; parking structures; brick/block walls; footings for gates, fences poles and many others.

We carry a wide selection of concrete and adhesive products to meet your project needs!

See the chart below to see which concrete repair epoxy and adhesive products are ideal for bonding, patching and crack repair.

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Note: For cleaning concrete, we recommend D/2 Biological Solution. For sealing concrete, we recommend HydroSeal 300.

ProductBondingCrack RepairPatching
Bonstone 404NS
Bonstone 405
Bonstone Block-It
Bonstone Clear Gel
Bonstone Duropoxi Epoxy
Bonstone Duropoxi-F Epoxy
Bonstone Fast Set™ Extreme
Bonstone Last Patch™ Limestone
Bonstone HRM Repair Kit
Bonstone Historic Restoration Mortar (HRM)
Bonstone Ultimate MPH