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Touchstone Edge System

Touchstone Edge System (TES)



Quick Overview

The strongest adhesive bond available, this clear, flowing epoxy does it all. It's water-clear, polishable, and unlike polyester and acrylic adhesives, the Edge System will not shrink.

Lays down a thin, tight bond line. Bullnoses stay put. Touchstone Edge System grabs, holds and sets despite the humidity or freeze/thaw conditions. Plus, you can shorten set time by applying heat.

Tinting our Edge System adhesive is easy because this epoxy is clear - adding tint produces true color.

With the Touchstone Edge System, you never have to return to the job site to solve adhesive problems.

This product can be used with our "Easy Mix" Dispensers.

One of the larger projects the Touchstone Edge System has been used on includes the Time Warner Center in New York City.

  • Countertop fabrication
  • Stone lamination
  • Laminating stone to other construction materials
  • Excellent for rodding countertops
  • Stone patching, mending, repairing and bonding
  • Transparent and easily polished
  • Exceptional strength & durability
  • Excellent clarity—easily colorized
  • Fast curing
  • Holds up through rigorous machining
  • Exterior grade epoxy
  • Ideal for high humidity or freeze-thaw conditions

Mix Ratio = 2:1 by volume

Set Time = 2 hrs @ 75°F

Available in = Quarts, Gallons & Pails

Technical Data Sheet

adobe-small.jpg SDS

TES Video

Countertop Edging Video

Can be tinted with Liquid tints.


Granite Laminations

Outside Returns

Granite Bullnose

Marble Column Lamination

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