Featured Products Overview: Accessories

Easy Mix Dispenser

  • Ideal For Flowing Epoxies
  • Correct Mix Ratios Every Time!
  • Eliminates the Waste of Resin
  • Available with Heating Unit or without Heating Unit


  • Great For Reinforcing Slabs
  • Eliminates Breakage Of Stone In Handling And Fabrication
  • Available in 3′ x 150′ Roll

Cartridge Guns

Mix Cups

  • Measure Your Epoxy Mix
  • Can Be Used With All Bonstone/Touchstone Products
  • Available in Sleeve of 50 cups


  • Powdered Tints for HRM, Last Patch Dymond and Last Patch Limestone (7 Color Kit also available)
  • Liquid Tints in multiple colors for all Epoxies and Urethanes¬†(10 Color Kit also available)