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Project Portfolio ---Just a few of the MANY places where Bonstone's products have been used





 Primary Children's Medical Center-Salt Lake City, UT

Old Soldier's Home-Washington D.C.

Products Used: Fast Set Extreme, Last Patch Limestone

Minnesota State Capital-Saint Paul, MN









George Bush Library-Dallas, TX

Product Used: Last Patch Limestone

Application: New Construction Repairing and Patching

Long Fellow Bridge-Boston, MA

Products Used: Bonstone Clear Gel Epoxy, Last Patch Gel

Application: Dutchman Repairs and Re-attaching Granite

St. Louis Courthouse

Product Used: Bonstone Duropoxi

Application: Dutchman Repairs and General Bonding








Dallas Residence-Dallas, TX

Product Used: Last Patch Limestone

Union Planter National Bank-Washington DC

Product Used: Fast Set Buff NC

Ace Precision-Oconomowoc, WI

Product Used: Anchor Epoxy






Milwaukee Art Museum-Milwaukee, WI

Product Used: Last Patch Gel

Southern Methodist University-Dallas, TX

Product Used: Last Past Gel

Time Warner-New York, NY

Product Used: Touchstone Edge System




St. Joseph's Basilica

Sharon Lynn Wilson Center-Brookfield, WI

Product Used: Last Patch Limestone

Application: Monument Patch Repair and Joint Repair

Wisconsin State Capitol-Madison, WI

Product Used: Last Patch Gel

Application: Dutchman Repairs and Patching







One Shell Center-New Orleans, LA

Product: Last Patch Gel

Application: Patch Repair, Stitch Pinning

Limestone Turret

Jones Hall-Houston Texas

Product Used: Last Patch Gel

Application: Crack and Joint Repairs







Miller Park, Home of the Milwaukee Brewers

Milwaukee, WI