Fast Set™ Extreme


Bonstone® Fast Set™ Extreme is a fast-setting, cold weather epoxy where initial setting speed or use in cold temperatures is required. Not recommended for interior use.


Not recommended for interior application-strong odor when applying.

Product InformationZero VOC Product

  • Mix Ratio = 1:1 by volume
  • Set Time = 15 min @ 75°F
  • Fast setting
  • Cures in below freezing temperatures
  • Ability to adhere to slightly damp stone
  • Can be used on porous stone
  • Flowing grade system refer to Fast Set 41
  • Exterior, vertical and horizontal applications
  • Available Sizes: 250ml, Quart, Gallon, Pail


  • Structural bonding and repairs of natural stone, concrete, masonry, metals, and wood
  • Re-attaching stone
  • Anchoring of bolts, dowels, rebar, and pins
  • Crack repair
  • Ideal for assembly line fabrication

SDS/TDS available upon request at [email protected]

Additional information

Weight N/A
Technical Data

Mix Ratio = 1:1 by volume Set Time = 30 min @ 75°F


250ml Cartridge, 250 ml Cartridge Case (12 cartridges), 2 Quart Kit (1 Qt A + 1 Qt B), 2 Gallon Kit (1 Gal A + 1 Gal B), 2 Pail Kit (1 Pail A + 1 Pail B)