Bonstone Duropoxi is a two-part, exterior grade, structural epoxy. Duropoxi is a general purpose adhesive for concrete, masonry, stone, metal and wood.


Product Information

  • Mix ratio: 1:1
  • Set time: 2-4 hours @ 75°F
  • Exceptional strength and durability
  • General purpose adhesive
  • Comes in smaller quantities and is affordable compared to other epoxies
  • Water cleanup with scotch brite pad
  • Exterior, vertical and horizontal applications
  • Can be tinted using Touchstone™ Liquid Tints
  • Available Sizes: Quart, Gallon


  • Cemetery restoration and repairs
  • Stone monument and mausoleum construction
  • Setting stone pavers and tiles
  • General purpose adhesive for concrete, masonry, stone, metal, and wood
  • Can be used to spot bond or applied with trowel
  • Hardscape sills and capping stone adhesive

Additional Information

Additional information

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Technical Information

Mix Ratio = 1:1 by volume Set Time = 1 hour @ 75°F Available in = Quarts & Gallons

Case Includes

Quart Case: 1qt A with 1qt B; Gallon Case: 1gal A with 1gal B


2 Quart Kit ( 1 Qt A + 1 Qt B), 2 Gallon Kit (1 Gal A + 1 Gal B)