Bonstone TravFill™ is a two-component, lime-based, latex modified filler for travertine.


Note: This is a freezable product, and, during periods of cold weather, shipping may be delayed to ensure the highest quality.

Product InformationZero VOC Product

  • Mix Ratio: 5:2
  • Set Time: 1-3 hrs @ 75°F
  • UV-Stable
  • Easy to mix and apply
  • Zero VOC
  • Contains no sand so it fills small crevices
  • Breathable-moisture vapor permeability
  • Can be tinted with Bonstone Powdered Tints and Stone Dusts.
  • Colors Available: Neutral and Travertine
  • Sizes Available: 7lb, 63lb


  • Filling holes, chips and cracks in travertine
  • Durable aesthetic repairs
  • Fabrication of stone slabs and porous stones
  • Skim coating vertical stone

SDS/TDS available upon request at [email protected]


Additional information

Weight N/A
Technical Data

Mix Ratio = add latex to form slurry to mortar consistency Set Time = 1-3 hrs @ 75°F


Neutral, Travertine


7lb, 63lb