Touchstone Edge System


Touchstone™ Edge System is premium, two-part, transparent epoxy for laminating and bonding countertops. This long lasting bond to granite means no more call-backs or field repairs due to adhesive failure! In addition to having better adhesion to granite than polyesters, this epoxy system has been used in hot and humid climates, where other epoxy systems have been reported to fail.



Product Information

  • Mix ratio: 2:1 by volume
  • Set time: 2 hrs @ 75°F
  • Longest, most dependable adhesive on the market
  • Fast curing
  • Water clear, polishable
  • Holds up through rigorous machining
  • Unlike polyester and acrylics, it will not shrink
  • Ideal for high-humidity or freeze thaw conditions
  • Interior, exterior and horizontal applications
  • Can be tinted using Touchstone™ Liquid Tints
  • Can be dispensed using Easy Mix Dispenser
  • Available Sizes: Quart, Gallon, Pail


  • Countertop fabrication
  • Stone lamination
  • Rodding countertops
  • Stone to stone bonding

SDS/TDS available upon request at [email protected]

Additional information

Weight N/A
Technical Data

Mix Ratio = 2:1 by volume Set Time = 2 hrs @ 75°F

Case Includes

Quart Case: 2qt A w/1qt B; Gallon Case: 2gal A w/ 1gal B


3 Quart Kit (2 Qts A + 1 Qt B), 3 Gallon Kit (2 Gal A + 1 Gal B)