Need an exceptional adhesive for white miters and laminations- Touchstone Silk epoxy


Touchstone SILK epoxy is a “NEW” knife grade epoxy for bonding granite, marble and quartz.  Touchstone Silk epoxy is a translucent white color and can be used on many of the light colored stones. If Glacier is too fast for your bonding needs- Silk epoxy might be just what your looking for in a 2 hour set up time.

Touchstone Silk is an engineering marvel—it offers the usual exceptional performance of an epoxy (strength, durability, longevity) with the added advantages of non-staining and improved UV color stability (resistance to yellowing).

  • Miter and laminating adhesive, especially white stones such as marble
  • Interior & exterior seams & laminations

In addition Touchstone Silk epoxy offers a variety of benefits, including:

  • Translucent “milky” white color
  • Non-sag, knife grade consistency
  • Tintable
  • Non-shrinking
  • Long shelf life
  • Polishable

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