Slow Setting Adhesives for Hot Weather

OK, you’ve landed that large fabrication job, requiring massive chunks of stone and numerous anchors being installed simultaneously.  Only problem is in this heat, your adhesive (chosen for fast cure speed) is TOO fast.  It fires off so quick that you don’t have time for proper fixturing and clamping. 

Well, you could mess around with refrigerating your glue to slow it down, but what you really need is an adhesive specifically formulated to provide extended working time—in essence, you need a “slow” glue.   Bonstone has such a product.

It’s called Bonstone Anchor.  Anchor is a 2-component structural adhesive that combines the strength and durability you’ve come to expect from Bonstone, with an extended working time to give you more “breathing room” in fixturing and clamping, especially when the thermometer really starts climbing.  Anchor is not new—in fact, in homage to our dear deceased founder, King Harte, it is one of our oldest products—the formula has remained practically unchanged since King himself invented it back in the 60’s.  As they say— “if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it!”