Bonstone’s Stone Repair Kit Is a Quantum Leap in Performance

Bonstone Stone Repair Kit

Stone Repair KitBonstone Corporation is pleased to announce that we’ve made  a “quantum leap” in the performance of our Natural Stone Repair Kit, Granite and Marble Repair Kit, Professional Tile and Countertop Repair Kit and Deluxe Stone Repair Kit.

Improved CA Glue Activator

The first enhancement is a new and improved Aerosol Accelerator for the Bonstone CA Glue.  This change allows you to easily achieve amazing results when performing stone countertop repair work or repair work on other surfaces.


  • Non “blooming/greening” formula.  Works great with marble or light colored granites
  • 3X more Activator than the previous 1oz pump spray
  • Cures Bonstone “Super Thin” CA Glue in around “2 minutes”
  • Works great with the Bonstone CA Glue “Gel” formulation
  • Improved curing properties which creates a virtually invisible repair
  • Easier to apply than the pump spray with much less mess
  • Longer shelf life

The following items affected by this change will include:

Bonstone Last Patch DymondLast Patch Dymond Enhancements

Due to customer feedback, we have made the decision to replace Last Patch Gel Part A in our kits with Last Patch Dymond Part A. Dymond Part A incorporates all the benefits of Last Patch Gel part A, plus the additional benefits below.

Advantages of Last Patch Dymond

  • More user friendly than Last Patch Gel; cures faster and harder than Last Patch Gel
  • Faster Setting; sets up in 45 minutes or less
  • Can be polished or honed within 45 minutes
  • Last Patch Accelerator can be added for rapid set times and colder temperatures
  • Excellent clarity while maintaining its UV-stability
  • Non-bleeding formulation

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